For SMBs

For leaders responsible for cybersecurity at small to medium organizations seeking access to tools, policies, and guidance from the top CISOs in the world.

Most small and medium sized organizations do not have a CISO, leaving technology, business, or cybersecurity managers to carry the weight of securing the entire organization. The Cybersecurity Collaborative has built a program to meet the unique challenges of this unique community which is supported by a team of cybersecurity experts who take time to understand each members needs and direct them to tools and resources to solve their problems.  Commercial and Public sector members include:  

  • CIOs, CTOs, and their IT and Cybersecurity Directors  
  • CEOs, CFOs, and COOs  
  • Legal and Compliance Executives  
     “The Cybersecurity Collaborative listened to my organizational needs and developed a plan consisting of tools, policies, and professional development training which I implemented immediately.  They saved me time and consulting fees and one of my most valued partners.”

- Michael Barnes, IT Director, OrthoTennessee
“We all face similar problems securing our companies from an evolving and growing cyber-threat landscape. Learning from peers across industries - problem-solving with them - yields better decisions and faster results.” 

- Sheldon Cuffie, CISO, American Family Insurance

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to Cybersecurity Collaborative experts
  • Cybersecurity briefings & discussions
  • Curated library of CISO developed-tools and resources
  • Daily Morning Security Report
  • Secure peer-to-peer direct messaging
  • 12-week Cybersecurity Leadership Program
  • National visibility and mentorship opportunities  


  CISOs and cybersecurity leaders from Federal, State, and Local government are an important layer of defense against nation state and cyber criminals.  The Cybersecurity Collaborative has been identified by some of the nation’s leading associations and NGOs supporting this sector and offers Government-specific resources and discounts.
  “I think the Collaborative is the best source of information and resources I have access to. Plus, as a member, my staff gets access to all the information as well. The 6:30 am feeds are faster than MS-ISAC, US-CERT and routinely more informative. The people you get access to are phenomenal and the leadership academy is great as well.”
-Michael Dent, CISO, Fairfax County, VA
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Professional Development & Leadership Training

“This is a transformational leadership program that has proven to be the most scalable, cost effective, and efficient way to make your leaders better. ”

-General Colin Powell

The professional development of our CISOs and their teams is a core component to our experience.  In addition to content and collaboration focused around leadership and soft skills development, we have partnered with with the Professional Development Academy to offer all members their groundbreaking Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership program which has been designed and developed in collaboration with General Colin Powell, Marshall Goldsmith, and over 3,000 C-suite leaders and top academics. This 12-week online facilitated program is a comprehensive, whole solution to make leaders better. Content focuses on the most important leadership capabilities and skills which will enable first- and mid-level managers to be more effective in their roles,  greater team performance, and deliver higher levels of business value.

Membership Inquiries

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